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It's time once again to relive those nostalgic days of gym class, and get your kickball team together! All of our leagues are coed and ideal for young professionals and young adults looking looking to kick it old school in a sweet Dallas league.

TUESDAYS at Glencoe - Begins Oct 7

WEDNESDAYS at Glencoe & Tietze - Register now to play a full season beginning Oct 8

If you are looking to play this season, register a team or as an individual today by clicking the link above.

Home teams will wear dark shirts and visiting teams will wear white shirts. If teams plan on buying jerseys, then we recommend buying a jersey with a unique color (red, purple, yellow, etc). These colored jerseys can be worn every week. Jersey number is not required.

Once the season begins, be sure to check out your schedule and standings by clicking the "Schedules and Standings" link.

Fall 2014 Sponsor Bar: Stan's Blue Note

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Click here to check out availability & registration Click here for schedules and standings
Glencoe Park(5300 Martel Ave., Dallas, TX) Tietze Park(6115 Llano Ave. Dallas, TX)
Norbuck Park(126 N Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX)
Fair Oaks Park
Samuell Grand (6200 E Grand)
$650/team; $75/individual
Registration Fee: (Team: $5, Individual: $3.50)
Fee Includes
Seven games of regular season play followed by a single-elimination playoff, one league participation t-shirt per player (15 maximum), equipment, umpires, league administration, and food and drink specials at sponsor bars.
Coed 10 v 10: 5 men/5 women on the field at all times; 15 players on the roster is suggested.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Coed Kickball Rules

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